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I’m Nicole Garner Meeker. I’m a writer, researcher, and copyeditor.

I’m personally interested in exploring the intersection of ethnicity, agriculture, and the great outdoors. But as someone who loves food (truly from farm to table), I can’t help but add my byline to pieces on food culture and gardening. Unsure how that all blends together? Check out my favorite hashtags: #blackgirlsfarm and #blackgirlsgarden.

I got my start in media working with small outlets in rural areas of the Midwest — where I was jokingly referred to as the “courts and corn” gal. Those beats helped me hone in on exactly what I like to do: dig for facts, plant big gardens (and write about them), and support others in telling their stories.

You can find my bylines at publications such as Mental Floss, Refinery29, Dave’s Garden, and across Optimism brands. I’ve also spent several years as a copyeditor and research editor for brands like Bustle, Elite Daily, Romper, and 10Ten Media, and provide editing services to a handful of grant writing companies, small companies, and emerging authors.

Interested in working with me? Don’t be shy. I like discussing new projects — especially if they involve something tasty. Email me: or find me on Twitter: @nlgarner.