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Looking for an editor to help your manuscript, article, or website reach its polished potential? I offer a variety of editing services backed by a master’s in journalism (emphasis: news and copyediting) and nearly 10 years of editing experience.

Editing Services

Developmental editing (most intensive editing)

This type of editing takes in the book as a whole — how is the flow? Are there major redundancies or issues? Developmental editing takes a macro approach to identify and correct textual weaknesses, preparing the project before it moves onto proofing.

Line editing (moderately intensive editing)
A blend between developmental editing and proofreading, line editing is beneficial for projects that are well-structured and free of major issues. Line editing looks at flow, language, and consistency; it helps reduce minor redundancies and makes your project concise and powerful.

Proofreading (least intensive editing)
Watch out, typos — I’m coming for you. If your text is in need of double-checking that rids it of grammatical and mechanical issues, proofreading is what you’re looking for. Please note: proofreading is less intensive and is meant for drafts and projects that do not need substantial work.

Are all those figures and facts correct? Fact-checking helps ensure your references are spot-on.

Business plan editing
I have seven years of business plan editing experience, working with business plan and grantwriting companies in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Australia. Let me help you polish your business plan and start your new venture on the right foot.

Unsure of what kind of editing your project needs?
Consider an editing consultation! I review your project and assemble a report outlining work recommendations, major issues, and potential solutions. Consultations include a 30-minute meeting.

à la Carte Services

Press release creation
Congrats! You’ve got something to share with the world. I can help you draft a professional press release that announces your accomplishment.
(As a journalist, I’ve read a lot to know what works, and what doesn’t.)

Web content creation
Have a new website, but don’t know how to fill it? Have an existing website that needs aid in sending a straightforward message? I provide web copy and blog posts.

Styleguide creation
Helping you create an organization-specific guide to writing, mechanics and terminology. Styleguides can help your business or group put forward a unified, consistent appearance. No more asking, “Do we use an Oxford comma, or no?”

Have questions about the editing process?
Interested in an editing consultation to have your project reviewed?
Reach out: